The Musings of Two Long-Time Friends

About the Authors!

About the Authors!
Hello and welcome! This blog will be about many things – from traveling the world to a warm bowl of mac’n’cheese on the couch, in yoga pants, watching Netflix. We are writers, teachers, foodies…


But the core of this blog is truly the friendship that started it all.

Eighteen years ago. If our friendship were a child, she would be going to college this year!

As a culture, we don’t talk enough about modern friendships between adults. How do you “break up” with a toxic friend? Can you still be friends, if you don’t talk for months? Rom Coms and novels feature endless romance stories, of course, but your best friend isn’t the sidekick in your love story. Friendship is an adventure wholly independent and worthwhile on its own.

So, this blog is about our friendship, and it’s also about each of us.

Rachel is an atheist.

Stephanie is religious.
Rachel analyzes literary fiction.
Stephanie is all about children’s literature and pop culture.
Rachel lives in Florida.
Stephanie lives in California.
Rachel has traveled Europe and the Middle East.
Stephanie has lived in Japan.
Rachel is married.
Stephanie is single.
Rachel teaches high school English. Private sector, privileged students.


Stephanie teaches middle school English. Public sector, underserved students.
Stephanie has two dogs.

Rachel has no idea why.
Rachel says poh-tay-to.

Stephanie doesn’t say poh-tah-to because that’s crazy.

But none of these differences can cause a rift because we’ve been through the thick and thin together. Moving across the country or overseas, a wedding, losing our jobs–these experiences have brought us together. At the end of the day, there’s no hack for this type of friendship.

You just can’t fake time.

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